Industrial Mixers And Agitators
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Industrial Mixers And Agitators

Industrial Mixers And Agitators

Mixers and Agitators

Mixers and Agitators from Abster Equipmemnts

Abster Equipmemnts have solution for the best agitator or complete mixing system for your application. We've served many companies in a variety of industries improve mixing and agitation performance, cut mixing times, increase output, and simplify maintenance and cleaning. Even made the mixing process quieter, Mechanical seals. Take a look at the following mixers and agitators to help determine the process best suited to your project's specifications. Contact the mixing experts at Abster Equipment. We can help you determine the type of mixer best for your application.

We offer the following mixers and agitators:

  • Industrial Top Entry Mixers
  • Bottom Entry Mixers
  • Side Entry Mixers
  • GMP Agitators
  • Mixers and Mixtanks
  • High Viscosity Mixers
  • High Shear Mixers

Bottom Entry Mixers

Bottom entry mixers and agitators are best for applications such as storage tank mixing, fermentation and bioreactors, low shear blending, food and beverage, and high shear bottom entry mixing. We offer standard high shear mixers mounted to the tank with a flange or TC sanitary connection. Great for slow speed bulk blending, we offer bottom entry mixing solutions for stainless and poly plastic process vessels.

Mixers and Mixtanks

offers a variety of design and construction solutions for corrosion-resistant mixers, tanks, and agitators. Our robust, maintenance-free corrosion resistant blending systems make mixing solutions such as acids, alkalines, leaching solutions, phosphates, sulfuric acid and other aggressive chemicals possible.

Industrial Top Entry Mixers

For large-scale, turbine agitating raning from 10 liter to 10,000 Liters Abster Equipment offers top entry mixers for large-scale, sanitary agitation. Applications include food, chemicals and biofuel blending. These powerful mixing systems offer everything from low sear mixing to aggressive high shear homogenizing and dispersing. Multishaft agitations is also available for mixing viscous creams, pastes and paints.

Side Entry Mixers

Most commonly used for storage tank mixing, fuel oil blending, food and beverage, or wastewater agitation applications. We offer customized side mount agitators to suit your needs and specifications. Our gear drive-side entering mixers can be configured to blend batches from 50 to 20,000 Liters.

High Viscosity Mixers

For high viscosity mixing, we suggest our multi-shaft mixers. Best for high viscosity and difficult-to-mix ingredients, typical high viscosity mixers feature a center mount anchor paddle sweep blade, and a second mixer at a higher speed to agitate or disperse. This creates a continuously moving mixture, with the high speed, top mixer disperses and dissolves, whereas the lower speed anchor provides mass and build blending, and simultaneously 'feeds' the high-sepped impeller. Together, the two actions create uniformity by create side-to-side and top-to-top mixing action. Mult shaft mixers are also great for sticky mixtures and difficult to blend batches.

High Shear Mixers

high quality lab and production mixing for high shear mixer homogenizers. We offer integrated packages, including high shear mixing, vessels, controls and custom design if needed. As specialists in high shear blending, we can help you design an efficient, quality to meet your process requirements.