Sigma Mixer, Double Arm Z blade Sigma Mixer
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Types Of Sigma Mixer

Applications of Sigma Mixer

  • The sigma mixer is the best suited mixer for pasty, sticky, and gritty slurries with high viscosities. The following are some of the commonly used products that are mixed in the sigma mixer
  • The sigma blade mixer is a commonly used mixer for high viscosity materials. This article details the construction of the sigma mixer, design and operational features, and its applications. The different variants of the sigma mixer design are discussed.
  • The sigma mixer is one of the most popular used for mixing and kneading high viscosity materials. It belongs to the family of double arm kneader mixers.
  • In mixers handling very viscous materials, it is necessary to promote both lateral and transverse motion of the material.
  • The geometry and profile of the sigma blade is designed such that the viscous mass of material is pulled, sheared, compressed, kneaded, and folded by the action of the blades against the walls of the mixer trough.
  • The extent to which this happens depends on the action of the blades - tangential or overlapping and the ratio of the speed of rotation of the blades.
  • The helix angle of the blade can be modified depending on the required shearing

Features of sigma mixer

  • Materials like dough, putty, rubber solution, adhesives, polymers etc.
  • The mixing action is a combination of shearing, stretching, folding, dividing, and recombining as the material is processed between the the sigma blades and the container walls.
  • Jacket arrangement is is provided for heating or cooling.
  • SIGMA MIXER as the name suggests contains mixing element (Blades) of Sigma type two in number which contra rotates inward to achieve end to end circulation & thorough & uniform mixing at close or specified clearance with the container.
  • The mixed product can be easily discharged by tilting the container by hand lever manually either by system of gears manually operated or motorised.
  • Sigma Mixer is a Batch type Mixer
  • In sigma mixer, Mixing Trough and Blades are fabricated from mild steel, stainless steel 304 and 316 grade.
  • Blades of sigma mixers are designed to obtain thorough mixing of high viscosity materials.
  • Sigma Mixers Blades are machined to keep minimum equal gap between through walls and blades.

Extruder Screw Sigma Mixer

  • The product has finished the mixing cycle, discharge/extrusion is performed simply by running the extrusion screw in a forward direction.
  • The double arm sigma blades normally continue to run throughout the extrusion process providing a thoroughly mixed product at all stages of the production cycle.
  • By changing the extrusion die heads, the product can be discharged in round, square, "spaghetti", or any form desired.
  • Speed variation of the extrusion screw allows adjustment of the product flow, depending on the viscosity.
  • As an option, a die cutter can be installed outside the die head. This bevel-faced cutter provides transverse cutting and can be pneumatically driven.
  • Automatic control of blade speed based on product viscosity.
  • Capability to pass from mix phase to extrusion phase without interruption.
  • Lateral discharge of product through the extrusion screw without operator interaction
  • Shape of extruded material is adaptable to customer's requirements.
  • Provides cycle automation; loading, mixing, and extrusion.
  • Temperature control available for handling heat treated products
  • Enclosed mixing and discharge provides protection from product contamination and greater operator safety
  • Vacuum and/or pressure designs